This page contains supporting materials that correspond to the community organizing and arts administration achievements listed on my resume. Enjoy, and please be in touch with any further questions!

The Beacon Center For Arts and Leadership and Representing NYC

I worked as Manager of Youth Programs at the Beacon Center for Arts and Leadership from 2008 to 2012. During this time, one programm that I pioneered was entitled Representing NYC. Representing NYC has gone on to have a life beyond my time at the Beacon Center. The purpose of Representing NYC at the time was to network young musicians making work of a professional or semi-professional quality with music and culture professionals capable of supporting their work and creating opportunities for those young people. During the time I was at the Beacon, I worked primarily with two groups of young people. An all girls group called the Fly Girlz, hailing from Brownsville Brooklyn, and a group entitled Nine 11 Thesaurus featuring young men from the ‘last stop’ high school that shared our building. Both groups achieved formidable performance and media successes. These successes helped to build portfolios for the groups’ participants in the service of their entry into highschools, colleges, and certificate programs. Below is some media about each group that is demonstrative of the work we did together.

The Fly Girlz: